Ukrainian Animals War Relief Fund founded to save displaced pets after tech exec saw devastation firsthand

Americans are familiar with wrenching images and tragic stories of civilians killed or forced to flee war-torn Ukraine during Russia’s on-going invasion, but many overlook the pets left behind who must fend for themselves while navigating streets that are constantly under attack.

That’s why tech entrepreneur Dan Fine founded Ukrainian Animals War Relief Fund (ARF), a nonprofit that is on a mission to save displaced Ukraine pets using cutting-edge technology, along with old-fashioned love and care. 

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Fine, who has focused on his passion for animals since retiring from a successful career in tech, traveled to a Polish town alongside the Ukraine border earlier this year and volunteered to walk dogs and feed cats that suddenly became homeless following Russia’s invasion. He was close enough to hear missiles explode in Lviv and, along the way, saw devastating injuries to beloved animals that will haunt him forever.  

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