Great Dane Dog Breed Information

Great Danes are intelligent, attentive, and composed. In combination with their big size and rate, these characteristics make the Great Dane a great hunting dog. Great Danes often learn nicely with rewardbased training techniques. The Great Dane’s reputation as a great family dog means they can be around childrennevertheless, as with all dogs, exceptionally close supervision is required to stop accidental harm to the kid or dog and avert the dog’s afterwards developing anxiety-based defensive aggression. Although generally a friendly breed, Great Danes are excellent watchdogs and might be protective, while this might be only a selfdefense answer, with socialization minimizing the development of anxiety-based defensive aggression.


German Mastiff, Deutche Dogge


Germany (Middle Ages)

Today’s Role

Companion Dog, Guard Dog

Breed Group

  • Working


  • Giant


  • Black
  • Black and Tan
  • Blue
  • Brown

Minimum Height

30 Inches

Maximum Height

43 Inches

Minumim Weight

119 Pounds

Max Weight

198.4 Pounds


Length: Short. Type: Dense,Short Coat



Indoor / Outdoor




Other Animal Compatibility


Temperament & Behaviour

More gentle in nature than in appearance, the Great Dane has a noble demeanor and is friendly to children and other animals. With proper training, the breed makes an excellent guard dog, as well as a good family companion.


Great Danes will need walked each day. Due to its giant size, do not over-exercise puppies and young dogs, as it may cause damage to growing joints and bones.


No special grooming requirements.


  • Alert
  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Quiet
  • Social

Good with children

  • Yes

Shedding and Grooming

  • Minimal Grooming
  • Minimal Shedding


  • No


The Great Dane borrows its name in the French words meaning "Big Danish." But, the breed doesn’t have anything to do with Denmark. Great Danes originated in Germany as a combination of the Irish Wolfhound as well as the English Mastiff. The breed was initially used in big animal hunting and being a war dog.

Health Concern

The Great Dane needs daily moderate exercise.

Popularity 2012


Popularity 2011


Popularity 2007


Popularity 2002


Litter size

5-14 puppies

Mininum Life Expectancy

7 years

Maximum Life Expectancy

10 years

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