A Review of the Wireless Fence Systems from PetSafe

Do you constantly worry about your pet leaving your yard and getting lost in the neighborhood?

If this is the case, then you should consider going for a wireless pet fence system. These offer the easiest way to keep pets at home, especially convenient for small yards. These are portable and wireless systems that provide circular boundaries for the containment of pets. There are many brands for you to choose from, but none as effective and as high quality as the PetSafe wireless fence systems.

Before we take a look at the wireless fence systems that PetSafe has to offer, you should first know what advantages wireless pet fence systems have over traditional fences.


There are several advantages that wireless pet fence systems have over their hard wired counterparts. Here are three of these advantages that they have over the underground electric pet fence systems.

  • Very Easy Installation

From the name itself, wireless fence systems are ‘wireless’. This makes them very easy to install. Depending on the type of system you will choose, installation will just take about an hour to four, tops. This extremely easy installation makes it perfect for everyone, especially to elderly adults who do not have the energy or the budget to pay someone else to install a fence system.

  • Extremely Adjustable in Terms of Range

This feature allows you to set whatever distance you prefer. This comes in very handy if you ever wish to limit where your pet can go or not go, for example, if you want your dog to stay out of the flower beds of your garden.

  • Availability of Customizable Pet Fence Systems

Another great advantage that wireless fence systems have over the underground electric version is that you can choose to go for customizable ones. This means that you can choose to set your own boundaries for specific yard measurements and edges. These also provide you with more flexible layouts so you no longer have to worry about difficulties in setting them up in narrow lots.

Why Choose PetSafe

Now that you know the main advantages of wireless pet fence systems over their hard wired counterparts, you may be wondering why the brand PetSafe should be your choice. There are many good reasons for this, including:

  • No Need For Additional Equipment

When it comes to installing a PetSafe wireless fence system, you do not have the need for wires or for tools. Depending on the specific type of system you will choose, you can rest assured that installation will just take about 1 to 2 hours (circular wireless system) or 2 to 4 hours (custom wireless system).

  • Very Easy to Adjust

With a wireless pet fence system from PetSafe, you can always change the boundaries you have set easily and quickly.

  • Significantly Less Expensive

There is no doubt that going for a PetSafe fence system rather than a traditional fence will allow you to save thousands of dollars, literally. So aside from being less-hassle and time-consuming, you will also be able to enjoy thousands of dollars in savings.

  • Portable and Lightweight

With a traditional pet fence system, these are two qualities that you cannot expect them to have. On the other hand, a PetSafe wireless fence system, seeing that there are no wires involved or other heavy equipment and parts, can be brought anywhere. You can bring it along with you when you visit your friends or when you go on a camping trip.

How Does The System Work?

As mentioned above, it is very easy to install and operate PetSafe wireless fence systems. All you have to do is to turn a knob found on the system’s transmitter to set the boundaries. Doing this will already create the circular boundary for your beloved pet. Once this has been done, the transmitter will then send radio signals to the wireless receiver collar that your pet is wearing.

You would have to teach your pet to sense the vibration or listen for the warning tone that the collar will emit every time that it nears a certain boundary of your yard. If in case your pet will still proceed, it will receive a surprising static correction emitted by the collar. While this is very safe, it will serve as a reminder not to go beyond the boundary and instead, just stay in your yard.

Features of the PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Systems

For you to further understand why a PetSafe wireless system is your best option to contain your pet in your yard, take a look at the following features:

Circular Wireless Pet Fence Systems

  • Installation only takes about 1 to 2 hours
  • Containment area is up to ¾ acre/transmitter
  • Circular boundaries are not conformed to yard edges with exact measurements
  • Can be used anywhere that has an outlet
  • Comes with rechargeable dog collars for pets that are over 5 lbs
  • Installation only requires four simple steps to be completed

Custom Wireless Pet Fence Systems

  • Installation only takes about 2 to 4 hours
  • Customizable boundaries for yards with specific edges
  • Boundaries can be set for up to ½ acre
  • Flexible layouts ideal for narrow lots or properties that are very near neighbors
  • Ability to set up various boundaries for your every pet
  • Comes with rechargeable collars for dogs that are over 15 lbs
  • Installation only requires 5 simple steps to be performed


With the affordable pricing of PetSafe wireless fence systems (as low as $199.95), you should already consider this particular brand as your most cost-effective means to protect and safeguard your beloved pets. Aside from the many different features and benefits that they have to offer, the company also ensures that clients will get the help they need when they need it. PetSafe offers various customer support options, including free phone support, step by step manuals, and an extensive online help database.

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