Two Puppies at Once? Is it bad to get two dogs from the same litter or not?

When you make that big decision to bring home a puppy, you may be tempted to bring home a sibling. The thought that your puppy would have another canine friend to play with. When he craves and a brother or sister to grow old with can be very appealing to many. It is not only pet lovers new to dog ownership that may consider two pups, but seasoned and professional dog trainers oftentimes do the same. Myths and debate abound on the topic of raising two siblings from the same litter within a home. Can it be done? Yes. Is it easy? No!

The Myths about getting Two Puppies at Once?

The most popular myth with the topic of raising two sibling puppies is Will they not bond with their family? The belief states that the puppies will bond only with each other. Will, they not train, socialize, or play with their human family as much as a single puppy? While two puppies will spend a lot of their time playing together, they will still seek human attention and guidance as comes with the instincts of a domesticated pet dog.

Dogs are incredibly social, especially with humans and other dogs. Other dogs speak their language and can appropriately respond to the subtle cues that we humans miss in doggy body language. Along with the fact that dogs are able to rough house, chase, and bound together unlike they can with a human this combination makes it obviously clear that dogs naturally love other dogs. While dogs can and do, bond together this canine bond does not replace the one they have with their human companions.

The Facts about getting Two Puppies from the same litter?

The truth is, raising two puppies is literally double the work, training, socialization, and play. It also means two crates, two playpens to contain the puppies. You will also need at least one larger area so that they can play safely together while supervised. One who thought that two may not be much different than one may be wondering why all the trouble for just one more. The fact lies in that both puppies need the same treatment as if they were the only puppy!

To raise two puppies successfully together you must give them separate training times, separate socialization experiences, and separate exercising times. The exercising can be cut in half so that half the time they are playing together. The other half though should be quality playtime with you, either learning how to any super fun, non-training game. If your puppies are given socialization experiences together, chances are one will mimic the other whether it is a good or not so good reaction to the scary object or person you are socializing them with. For example, if you introduce an open umbrella to them, it may seem like a scary item.

One puppy may become completely terrified, as may happen if you push them too far too fast in their socialization. The other puppy will read the fear on their sibling and do the same thing. This could create a problem, if they were socialized individually, there would not have been one as you could have helped ease one puppy through their fear. Not to forget you will have to potty train them separately too!

The Debate about getting Two Puppies from the same litter?

Probably the biggest issue with raising two puppies at once is that it does take a lot more work and time. While the work and time may be no big deal to some, to the vast majority of average pet owners it is too much to handle in today’s modern society. One puppy alone is an immense amount of work, double that and add on the rest of your life; family, relationships, work, school, your own social life. Can you really handle double of what a single puppy can throw at you?

Ask any dedicated dog owner how much they enjoy having a multiple-dog household. Many who have two or more dogs cannot imagine life with only one! Nearly all pet owners obtained their dogs at different points when they were able to handle a single challenge. This allowed new family members all the time they needed to adjust and bond with the humans and other dogs. For those who are not capable of providing two puppies requirement, they can miss out on an abundant amount of the magic that happens in dog ownership.

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